What makes The Najm Energy, such a dynamic and successful company? We believe it is the way we treat our team at senior management level. By making them working partners we inspire a motivated and coherent workforce. Full transparency, a superior service and an excellent product range have given the company the edge, and we are now more successful than any time in our history.

Our diversified earnings mix and strong management capabilities have enabled us to deliver year-on-year growth and sustained profitability. We continue to increasingly work together as a team, by cooperating intensively across the group, sharing ideas and expertise far more broadly and looking for opportunities to leverage our established strengths in new ways.

In addition, we must continue to prove that we can sustain the momentum we have established and can deliver a consistent, super performance for our business partners and shareholders. Najm Energy is both well-capitalized and well-positioned to seize the opportunities in the market and my confidence is founded on the achievements and talent of our people. Together, as a team, we can continue to achieve impressive results.